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Pattern Making & Fashion Design


Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics, clothing construction and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. A fashion designer creates clothing, including dresses, suits, pants, and skirts, for consumers.

In this course you will learn the courses of Fashion Design, Fashion Concept and Brand DNA Development. This course will allow students to develop the sense of taste that is needed to design clothes. The objective is the development of the creative talent of young people who plan to become professional fashion designers, widening their abilities through research and attentive observation for the creation of an innovative and individual collection.

Why students choose our Pattern Making & Fashion Design program?

  • Students will learn both theoretical and practical aspects of sewing, culminating in the creation of finished products.
  • With the knowledge gained, students can expedite the establishment of their businesses or pursue their careers more swiftly.
  • Students will acquire proficiency in creating flat sketches or fashion illustrations using computer software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Procreate.
  • Gain insight into Fashion History and analyze future fashion trends.
  • Familiarize yourself with different types of fabrics.
  • Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each fabric.
  • Understand the process of fabric creation.
  • Identify the target market.
  • Discover unique selling points for products.
  • Generate intriguing business ideas.
  • Grasp the concept of Cost of Goods Sold, a crucial element in the production process essential for business owners.
  • Access to all materials, albeit with limited time for learning.

What student’s will get ?

  • Pattern Making Material
  • Fashion Design
  • Concept & Brand DNA Development


–   Intake Every Month

–   225 Hours

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