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3 Years Intensive Fashion Design (Jakarta-Milan)

3 Years Intensive Fashion Design

6 Month (Jakarta) – 3 Years (Milan)

Becoming Fashion Designer


Aesthetic sensibility, personal style and an instinct for the new style codes. But also technical skills in designing and creating a fashion product. It is not easy to define the limits of one of the more iconic careers in fashion. The term Fashion Designer has a wide meaning, in fact, ranging from conception to design to sale and to communication. And that’s not all. The Fashion Designer is not only a creator of clothes but is also a visionary, capable of analysing insights and designing new trends, with marketing and patternmaking skills, who is aware of the economic and financial aspects of the business.


This is what you will learn on our three-year course in Fashion Design: multiple skills in the field of fashion, and techniques for creating clothes and accessories, along with a range of advanced knowledge that will allow you to become highly specialised technicians who are able to try out innovative ideas. In short, real Fashion Designers.


Aims of the course

The three-year post-graduate course aims to teach students to understand the process of fashion design, encouraging them to learn technical skills and to develop the creative and intellectual ability necessary for a successful entry into the fashion industry.

The three-year course, which lasts for 520 hours, is divided between classroom lessons, exercises and workshops with opinion leaders from the industry, and provides all the skills required for you to express your own creativity and to translate an idea into an innovative fashion project, with the daily challenge of designing clothes, footwear and accessories right up to the creation of your own fashion collection.

Starting out from the study of drawing techniques, the student will deepen his or her knowledge and analysis of fabrics and manufacturing, confronting all the aspects of production, in addition to distribution and communication.

At the end of the course, the student will have developed the best skills for designing women’s, men’s and children’s collections, as well as accessory lines. In addition, he or she will have acquired the basic expertise to successfully start their own career as a Fashion Designer with the courage to launch an entrepreneurial business or to grow within a Made in Italy or international company, or even work for a style, consultancy or research firm.


Our ideal candidate

The course is open to all students with A-levels or equivalent qualifications who have decided to develop their own talent and learn the craft of Fashion Designer, both those who come from a fashion background and those approaching the fashion world for the first time with the intention of making their own dream a reality. Because here at MKS Milano Fashion School, we believe in strongly motivated students, with a bold, experimental attitude, who are willing to go for it. Are you ready to join us?

Contents of the course

The three-year training course for the professional role of Fashion Designer will provide a specific foundation in the following:

1st year

• Principles of fashion design, drawing and the human figure
• History of fashion, costume and art
• Technology and marketing of textiles (fabrics and materials)
• Patternmaking and Model Technique 1
• Collections 1


2nd year

• Fashion marketing
• Collections 2
• Technical courses: drawing and introduction to mathematics and geometry
• Patternmaking and Model Technique 2
• Research and coolhunting


3nd year

• Semiotics of clothing
• Collections 3
• Patternmaking and Model Technique 3
• Portfolio creations
• Computer graphics
• Presentation album of the collection for the final exam – fashion show


Educational activities

• Classroom lessons
• Workshops and seminars with industry specialists
• Lectures and meetings with opinion leaders
• Work groups, exercises and business game
• Internship
• Tutoring and Award participation

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3 Years Intensive Fashion Design

Info Program

–  Intake Jakarta: January, April, July, October, Milan: October

–  Full Time Program

–  Monday to Friday

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