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Faq & Help

Beginners can study at IFS Jakarta?

Of course, all programs and learning methods at IFS Jakarta are suitable for those of you who don’t have the basics of fashion design.

Is there an internship program at IFS Jakarta ?

Yes, IFS Jakarta helps students to be able to learn directly in the field and experience working as a fashion designer.

Is there a short program to learn Fashion Design ?

Yes, IFS Jakarta provides a short study program of only a few months. However, this short program is only for those of you who already have a foundation or only study specifics in one field.

Is there a final project at IFS Jakarta ?

Yes, IFS Jakarta provides graduation requirements for those of you who take 1 year programs and international programs to create works that will be displayed in fashion shows.

How much is the entrance fee for IFS Jakarta ?

The IFS Jakarta entrance fee is always changing, there are lots of discounts and attractive promos every month that can reduce the cost of going to school at IFS Jakarta. So, Contact us now

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