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Advanced Pattern Making


Becoming a Patternmaker

The profile of a patternmaker, whose professional relevance within the fashion system is key to the system itself, requires creative spirit, technical skills, great accuracy and meticulousness. But how is it possible to become an expert patternmaker capable of measuring one’s capability with experimental projects?

Simply by attending the intensive course in Advanced Pattern Making, participants will learn the Marangoni Modelling Method by working on experimental projects and developing advanced expertise in order to become skilled patternmakers and suggest innovative ideas and models.


Aims of the course

The intensive 60-hour course will offer participants the opportunity to learn the rules concerning the creative modelling development by gaining specific competences and skills throughout technical and practical demonstrations.

Participants will be guided through the entire process by working on experimental projects as well as using different volumes and observing particular decorative effects. At the end of the course participants will then have achieved a new method (the Marangoni Modelling Method) and advanced technical skills in order to deal independently with fashion projects.


Our ideal candidate

The course is aimed for those who already hold a degree from fashion school and to those who already have basic patternmaking skills and wish to improve their abilities with experimental projects.


Contents of the course

The course offers specific preparation regarding the following topics:

•   Marangoni Modelling Method

•   Creative modelling techniques

•   Paper pattern development on experimental projects


Educational activities

•   Technical and practical demonstrations

•   Exercises

•   Workshop