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Ready to Wear Program

Ready to Wear Program

FAST & FOCUSED (300 hours)



•  Research, observation and practical methods

•  Fashion design basic technique (manual and digital illustration)

•  Basic pattern drafting technique (flat & molding cutting, sewing,

•  Basic fabric knowledge

•  Understanding fashion universe and knowledge

•  Explore the fashion industry in a relative short amount of time

•  Fashion Product development:


Why students choose our Ready to Wear program?


•  Introduction from basic to advanced level step by step with knowledge of patterns and sewing on ready to wear

•   Students could establish their business or pursue their career faster with their gained knowledge


What student’s will get ?


•   Know how to design garments and create a collection

•   Experienced a year of excellent discovery

•   Create student’s own personal project in the fashion sectors

•   Get to know the basics of fashion to be able to apply to future business

•   Develop a preference that suits student’s passion

•   Learn more about the fashion industry specifically

•   Able to adapt the concept of a collection into the real current market


–    Intake Every Month

–    300 Hours

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